Antivirus : Cannot be affected by any debuff.

Black Friday: Reduce the cost of orbiter deployment by 1.

Immune: Cannot lose HP.

Multiply Shield: Value of shield card is doubled.

Stacked Energy: X additional energy for the next turn.

Seeds of Gods: Demeters Gift, permanent buff.

Orbiter trigger deployment: The ability of the orbiter will also be activated when deploying it.

Power: Increase your damage cards by X.

Resistance: Increase your shield cards by X.

Thornmail: Whenever you receive damage, also deal half of this damage to your opponent.

Reactive Shield: Whenever you receive damage, gain shield egal to half of them.

War Chief: Increase all your recruit effect by X.

Orbiter deploy buff: Buff your already deployed orbiter for +X/+X

Played Crew: Gain X shield whenever you play a war cards.


Defenseless: Shield Cards are 50% weaker.

Destocking: Playing any card will also discard the lowest energy cost card still available in your end.

Forced Labor: Drawn card’s cost increase by 1 every time you play a card.

Increase Card Cost: Each card cost X more energy to be cast.

Inflation: Each time you draw increase the draw cost by 2.

Infected Blood: Each time player lose HP add 1 parasite to his deck.

Target locked: Damage received by this target are doubled.

Piercing damage: All damage dealt by this player are going through enemy shields.

Weakness: Reduce the damage output of the player by 50%.

Energy debuff: Affected player will start his next turn with -X less energy.

Additional cost for draw: Pay X additional HP to draw.


Backfire: Deal 5 damage to the attacker when destroyed.

Battery Recycling: When destroyed add 2 Energy Shot to its owner deck.

Electric Coil: Orbiter activates each time the opponent plays a card.

Double Strike: Next time this orbiter is activated, activate it a second time.

Explosive Backfire: Deal 2 damage to all enemy when destroyed.

Heal: Add 2 HP to all friendly orbiter when destroyed.

Taunt: Players and orbiter damage effect must target orbiter with taunt before any other.

Time Shield: Come back to life with the stats he had last turn.

Metamorph: Takes the propriety of the last deployed orbiter

Parasite: Add one parasite to your opponend deck.

War: Add a war recruit to your deck.

Athena Orbiter: Deal piercing damage to the enemy and generate as much shield for the player.


Buff Adjacent: Boost power of adjacent orbiter.

Damage: Deal damage.

Damage all Opponent: deal damage to all enemy.

Heal: Restore HP.

Orbiter HP: Orbiter HP

Shield: Gain shield

Vampiric: Drains HP from your opponent, add it to the orbiter HP.

Leader: Power boost .


Nothing: Orbiter do nothing.


Blindness: Target of the orbiter is randomized each time it is being triggered.

Disabled: Orbiter is disabled

Target Locked: Orbiter take twice damage.

Puny: HP reduction.